I set off to create an issue relating to the absurdity of the confinement we are experiencing. I sought to find a way to help set Man free. Fortunately, this led me to Jean Genet’s The Tightrope Walker.  I recalled the intensity of the tenderness that this text exudes, the vertigo of the peril that pervades it. I allowed the bodies of my photographs to freely balance themselves on the anarchist web woven by the author’s ropes.
This is how this issue came about: edging along.
All while my senses were being besieged by the heady scent of the night-blooming jasmine on the verandah.

PLASTIC Issue 02, July 2021 Athens Greece
ISSN: 2732-6934
Limited Edition 300 copies, numbered and signed 
16,7 x 23,6 cm
Pages 56 / 33 pictures full colour
Paper Inside: Velvet 135gsm 

Cover: Velvet 250gsm (Matte lamination)

Language: English

Price: €12​​​​​​​
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Publishing by George Striftaris striftaris.com
Layout design by Dimitris Kanellopoullos dimitriskanellopoulos.com
Editing by George Striftaris, Yannis Mavritsakis, Dimitris Kanellopoulos 
Translated from the original by Eva Kesselring
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