In this issue, the temporal cosmic flow is deconstructed by loss, memory, silence. The small gaps that ensue conceal the most interesting monologues and dialogues.
According to Heimonas  “our recollection loses out very swiftly and before all else it loses the forms of those we loved. Quite the paradox, isn’t it?”​​​​​​​

PLASTIC Issue 03, October 2022 Athens Greece
ISSN: 2732-6934

Limited Edition 300 copies, numbered and signed 

16,7 x 23,6 cm
Pages 56 / 53 pictures full colour
Paper Inside: Velvet 135gsm 

Cover: Velvet 250gsm (Matte lamination)

Language: Greek - English

Price: €12   
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Publishing by George Striftaris
Layout design by Dimitris Kanellopoullos
Artistic input by Yiannis Mavritsakis 
Translated from the original by Eva Kesselring
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